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Veterinary clinic in Malmö, Skåne AlfaVeta Veterinary clinic - Oxie center Lertegelvägen 148 A 238 30 Oxie

AlfaVeta Veterinary Clinic

A veterinary clinic with a lot of personal engagement, high competence and the same modern equipment of a veterinary hospital.

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A veterinary clinic with a lot of personal engagement

Welcome to AlfaVeta your veterinary clinic in Malmö!
We are equipped with an X-ray and ultrasound to perform thorough examinations and give concrete diagnoses. We have our own lab so that we can get results quickly. Our equipment is on par with the veterinary hospital in Malmö. Our competitive prices are among the lowest in Malmö. We are your veterinary clinic of choice to help your beloved pets to a healthier and better life.

Our Wards

Something for everyone


New at the clinic!

We offer freezing, storage and shipping of dog seminaries, we are the only sperm bank in southern Sweden.

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Artificial insemination

AI provides opportunities to increase the genetic variation within the breed, we offer endoscopic TCI (Trans Cervical Insemination).


We offer to be on call 24/7 for pregnant cats and dogs. Piotr has been to many conferences and courses concerning reproduction and he’ll guide you through the process from the beginning all the way up to the delivery day!

• Medical guidance in relation to pregnancy and whelping • Determining the best mating time and day (Exclusivley dogs) – Cytological smear test – Progesterone is always tested in our lab on our professional equipment (No rapid test kits) This gives us very accurate and trustworthy results.

• CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analisys)
• Vaccination against the canine herpes virus (Exclusivley dogs) • Endoscopic AI (Artificiell Insemination) on dogs
• Ultrasonic controls during pregnancy
– Biometric measuring of fetuses
– Calculation of the estimated amount of fetuses
– Calculation of the expected delivery date (+/- 24 hours)
• We are available on dial during the delivery for guidance and questioning

• Obstetric care
– Availability on call 24/7 for any pregnant cats and dogs

• Caesarean sections
• Postpartum care for the mother and their puppies / kittens
• Examinations

• Spermbank – Freezing – Storage

Dental care

Healthy and strong teeth are important for anyone’s well-being, proper dental health affects the entire body. Cats and dogs can have toothaches without showing signs. Foul breath can be a sign of infection or damage done to the teeth. If you notice that your cat or dog is plagued by pain or foul breath, let us know! We’ll perform a extensive examination, which is necessary to be able to find the root cause be it plaque or fracture. It is crucial to care for the dental hygiene of your pets. We can help with both prophylactic dental care as well as with treatment of oral related issues.

We offer:
• Ultrasonic plaque removal
• Solutions for both simple and complex tooth fractures
• Oral Operations
• Dental X-ray

We’ll gladly give you advice on how you can improve your cats or dogs dental oral health

Reception / Waiting room

Thanks to our short waiting times we are able to care for your pets as soon as possible. Upon arrival please check-in at the reception where our knowledgeable staff can answer most questions, don’t be afraid to ask! If this is your first visit at our clinic you’ll be asked to fill out a registration form with your and your pets personal information. After registration feel free to have a seat in our waiting room until you’re called up by one of the veterinarians who will take you to a consulting room. We can also handle insurance claims directly with your insurance provider.

Prophylactic care

We offer basic prophylactic care for your pet so they can be well.

• Vaccinations
• Claw clippings
• Ultrasonic plaque removal
• Deworming testimonials for passports
• Tick prevention
• Issuing of passports
• ID marking (Chip or tattoo)
• Diet counselling

Digital X-ray

We decide together after the base examination if it is necessary to take X-rays of your pet. X-ray is a incredibly useful diagnostic tool in many cases, be they disease or injury, it also complements ultrasound really well. Organs in the chest and stomach cavities can be studied in detail, for example: the heart, lungs, kidneys or intestines. The skeleton and tendons lend themselves the best to X-ray examinations, fractures and tendon abnormalities.


Using ultrasound technology we are able to perform a extensive examination of the body’s internal organs. Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool used more and more in veterinary medicine. Partly due to it being a excellent complement to a X-ray, and also due to it’s intrinsic value as a diagnostic tool. Here at AlfaVeta we can offer you the latest equipment and special competency to perform ultrasound examinations.  

Using the ultrasound we can for example examine: • The kidneys and the urinary tract
• The liver
• The testicles and prostate
• The uterus and ovaries
• The pancreas
The one responsible for carrying out ultrasound examinations is Piotr, he’s had many years of experience and has performed thousands of examinations. We offer a pregnancy check-up using the ultrasound where not only do you check if the bitch is pregnant but also count the expected number of fetuses and calculate the delivery date (+/- 24 hours)
Piotr uses biometric measures of the fetuses to calculate the delivery date. For best results we recommend that the ultrasound checkup be 28 – 30 days after the last mating occasion.

Laser therapy

New at the clinic: medical laser therapy for animals. Medical laser is used to great effect and no side effects in prophylactic and clinical treatment. We use highly specialised equipment to treat your pets, laser therapy is relaxing and does not hurt in the slightest.

Laser therapy works in a anti inflammatory way as well as increasing the blood flow to the treated area which encourages the healing process on a cellular level. The convalescence period can be shortened by up to 50% while partaking in laser therapy.
Laser therapy is recommended among other uses as pain relief in both acute and chronic conditions.

The laser can among other things be used for:
• Treatment of wounds
• Edemas
• Joint, tendon and muscle problems
• Fractures
• Strain injuries
• Inflammations
• Problems with mucus membranes.


We perform the majority of tests in our in house laboratory. We analyse a large quantity of tests every single day. We perform biochemistry, hematology, urin tests, cytology, microbiological cultivating, (taken from skin, ears, urine etc) which includes a antibiogram and some hormonal analyses (e.g progesterone). You’ll get the results for the majority of these tests on the same day as they’re performed. Other tests such as allergy screenings and tissue samples (Histopathology)get sent to specialised laboratories.


Our veterinarians perform a variety of surgical procedures daily, some of which include:

• Castrations
• Removal of umbilical hernias
• Cherry eye operations
• Removal of bladder stones
• Masectomies
• Ceasarean sections

Something new we can offer at the clinic is laser surgery.
This form of surgery offers lessened swelling, pain and bleeding during and after the procedure. Laser surgery can for example be used to remove skin tumours or during castrations

Something else we can do using laser surgery is to widen the nostrils on dogs with breathing problems, click here to see a video of it in action.

Stationary care

We offer a stationary care ward where patients can get treated during the day, generally we try to avoid having animals staying the night at the clinic as we believe they are better off if they can get the treatment they need during the day and then be able to spend the night in a familiar environment. In our experience avoiding the stress of staying the night at the clinic aids more in their recovery than what we can offer them during the night. In rare cases where 24 – hour care is necessary we’ll stay the night at the clinic.


You’ll find first-rate veterinary diet food in out shop, special diets as well as food for healthy animals brought to you by Purina, Royal Canin, Specific and Virbac. We’ll gladly help you with diet consulting to find the most fitting food for your pet. We also sell dietary supplements and care products such as shampoos, ear cleaning solutions, dental hygiene related products and stress management agents.

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